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why it is bad for students to have part-time job?

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I know everything has two aspects .some people think it is good for students to have part-time job,but someone take the opposite side .Here I want some reasons for why it is bad for them.

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    basically its not bad.theres a reason why they say that, look i have lot of friends who work as a part time but some them lost there interest in studying when they recieved some amount of money they dont study anymore cause their reason is "why need to study when you have job and money" sad to hear but truth hurts.


    It is not bad if it doesn't take too much time away from studies. Sometimes it is necessary. Finding a balance can be difficult.
    I had to work part-time through college and didn't get much sleep. I asked one of my professors then how I was doing and he said "Not bad at all. You give good answers - when you're awake."


    It's more a case of "pros and cons":

    Pro - you have an income, even though it may be small.

    Con - the extra effort makes you tired, and takes away time for your study.

    So balance the pros and cons, and decide what you can manage.

    Lots of students have part time jobs, however if they have long shifts that end at midnight their studies will suffer.

    Students wanted to work part time to ease the burden of their families.Working part time is not really bad if it does not interfere with studies and know about having proper time management skills.
    Its actually not a problem for students to have part-time job. In fact,it is one of the way for them to become independent and try to earn money by themselves. What matters is ur time management must be really good to make sure ur study will not be affected by all this thing.

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