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how do I say "just a moment" in korean??

is it
*jam kan man??

thnx a lot. :)

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    잠깐만(요), 잠시만(요). both will be ok to use. similar one will be 잠시만 기다려주세요, 잠깐만 기다려주세요. (please wait for a sec)

    hope it will be helpful to you. have a great day. :)

    단지 순간을

    zam gan man nu.잠깐만요
    zam si man nu 잠시만요

    잠깐만 :)

    when you write them, 잠깐만 jamkanman
    when you speak them, 장깐만 jangkanman

    Hi alyssamyca

    You got good answers, just want to inform you that you can also say "잠깐만 있어봐" when talking to your close friend your age or close enough to drop '요'.

    (it's pronounced as 장깜만 when we say 잠깐만)

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