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can u tell me Some jokes in tagalog :)

^_^ :) :)

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    okay, here are some classic tagalog jokes:


    Q: "May tatlong butiki sa kisame, tumalon ang isa, ilan ang natira?" ('there were three lizards on the ceiling, one jumps off. how many lizards were left?')
    A: "Wala" (none)
    Reason: pumalakpak yung dalawa kaya parehas nahulog. ('the other two lizards applaused and both fell off from the ceiling')

    Political joke:

    Q: "Ano sa english ang nagnakaw, nagnanakaw at magnanakaw?" (how do you translate in english the term (stole), (stealing) and (will steal)?).
    A: 'Retired',' Incumben't and 'Campaigning'

    Manlilimos (Beggar):

    May isang bulag na nanlilimos at nabigyan ng 20 Piso ng isang mama. "20 Piso lang?" sabi ng bulag. "kala ko ba bulag ka" sabi ng mama. "Oo, pero isang mata lang ang bulag sa akin."
    (a blind beggar asking for money from a guy and received a 20 peso bill. "Only this much?" the beggar complained. "I thought you are blind?" the guy said. "yes I am, but just my one eye.)

    I'm gonna think for more...


    Walang kwentang Tatay (Useless Daddy:)

    Anak (Son) : Mommy, ang ganda ng bracelet mo. Bigay ba ni Daddy yan? (Mommy, you have a beautiful bracelet. Did Daddy give that to you?)

    Mommy: Ay naku anak, kung sa Daddy mo lang ako aasa, baka pati ikaw wala sa mundong ito. (Oh no my son, if I will only depend on your Daddy, even you will not be in this world)

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