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how to say nice to meet you and I am sorry for troubling you in mandarine

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    “很高心见到你”read“hen gao xing jian dao ni”& "我很抱歉麻烦你了"read"wo hen bao qian ma fan ni le"

    what are the tones for these words?

    Nice to meet you
    hěn gāoxīn rènshi nǐ
    Often, thought, the phrase is abbreviated to just 认识你.

    "Sorry for troubling you" is like Sheer suggested above, but, again, often just
    máfan nǐ
    Normally used to draw attention.


    nice to meet you: 很高兴认识你(hen3 gao1 xing4 ren4 shi0 ni3, 0 means there's no tone)

    sorry for troubling you: 不好意思麻烦你了/打扰了。


    it's 高兴 not 高心...

    很高兴认识你 can't be abbreviated to 认识你

    if you are saying thanks to someone's help, you should add 了:麻烦你了。
    if you are asking for someone's help, you can say:麻烦你帮我...行吗?

    I was wondering this too, and these are good answers. But what is the Pinyin for Eric's response? 不好意思麻烦你了/打扰了。

    xie xie




    Nice to meet you
    很高兴见到你(for the first time:很高兴认识你)
    hěn gāoxìng jiàndào nǐ(hěn gāoxìng rènshi nǐ)

    "Sorry for troubling you"
    bùhǎoyìsi,máfan nǐ(nín) le
    bàoqiàn,dǎrǎo nǐ(nín) le

    1. "抱歉","不好意思":they are the same meaning here. they can have a change which each other.
    2. "打扰(dǎrǎo)":you see the to character are both in falling-rising tone(the tones in Chinese:阴平,阳平,上声,去声。the third tone:shàngshēng).When two falling-rising characters meets, the first one should pronounced rising tone. "打扰(dǎrǎo)"→ "打扰(dárǎo)"
    3.”您" is the respectfully address for “你”

    Eric‘s answers are right. I just put them in order~ :P

    加我吧,i can help you!

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