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how do you say '' Father , Mother '' in chinese(mandarin)?

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    Based on the other question that you posed previously,
    it is obvious that you are interested in learning some East Asian languages such as Chinese or Japanese.

    To this extent, instead of posing questions every time, why not try some multilingual online dictionaries? One of the good resources is the wikidictionary, available at:

    If you input "father" or "mother" onto the entry column, then you will come up the following webpages:

    From there, when you expand the columns of "Translations", you do not only obtain the translation in Chinese, but also in other possible languages. As you may refer to the webpages,

    For father,
    Chinese: 父(fù), 父親(fùqīn) [written form];
    爸爸(bàbà) [verbal form]; 爹(diē) [verbal, colloquial]

    Japanese: お父[とう]さん(o-tōsan) [honorific form];
    父[ちち](chichi) [plain form];
    パパ(papa) [verbal, colloquial, borrowed from European languages]

    Korean: 아빠(a-bba), 아버지(a-beo-ji) [plain form];
    아버님(a-beo-nim) [honorific form]
    (N.B. I intentionally put hyphens between syllables in order to split between each Korean character.)

    For mother,
    Chinese: 母(mǔ), 母親(mǔqīn) [written form];
    媽媽(māma) [verbal form]; 娘(niáng) [verbal, colloquial]

    Japanese: お父[かあ]さん(o-kāsan) [honorific form];
    父[はは](chichi) [plain form];
    ママ(mama) [verbal, colloquial, borrowed from European languages]

    Korean: 엄마(eom-ma), 어머니(eo-meo-ni) [plain form];
    어머님(eo-meo-nim) [honorific form]

    There are particular rules regarding the usage of honorific form in Japanese and Korean. Please ask your available language partners if necessary. (I cannot put the rules here due to limitation of characters.)

    Hello Sha,

    Father = 爸爸 BaBa
    Mother= 妈妈 MaMa

    hi Sha,

    Cherry is right... although in the most formal way, you can say:

    父亲 (fùqīn) - "father"
    母亲 (mǔqīn) - "mother"



    in somewhere maybe say father as 爹(die),mother as 娘(niang)。
    especially in some countryside 。

    Informal way to call mother as "ma (妈)" and father as "ba (爸)


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