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different kinds of atish bazi

hi everyone,
i am currently translating some poems in which there is a lot talk of fireworks on the occasion of shab e barat.
the problem now is, that many names for fireworks mean something else at the same time and it's hard for me to tell when there's talk of a kind of firework (atish bazi) and when there isn't.

for example there's phuljari (wordly meaning flowersprinkler), and in the case of phuljari i happen to know what kind of firework it is.
but there are some more words which in my opinion could be kinds of atish bazi but i am not sure of it and i don't know how to imagine them.
so i'll give you a list of these words and it would be so great if you could tell me if these kind of atish bazi are known to you and what they look like.
so here we go:

mahtab (actually meaning moonlight)
suraj ma'shal (something like sun-torch?)
sitare (stars?)
gulrez (actually meaning scattering or rain of roses)

these are the main four words i'm not sure about.
btw. do you guys celebrate shab e barat? if so, what is the meaning of the night for you?

my best regards

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