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Answer this question if you have talent:

Rich man keeps me in pocket,
Poor man throws me away,
Kids eat me,

Who am i?

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    maybe its "snot"? :s
    (a rich person has a handkerchief, he wears it in pocket
    a poor man doesnt use it
    and children usually put their finger into mouth after "cleaning" their nose with it) :))

    PS. and i know another variant of the riddle like this one, but the answer is also the other:
    the rich man needs it
    the poor man has it
    if you eat it, you will die...

    who are u??? :D
    Its not very hard question but , I couldn't find it :D





    you are the letter "i".


    my variants always unsuitable for one of the stitches............tell me PLEASE
    what is it????????

    Is it a Bubble Gum ?? :D I made up XD

    its TIME...(poor man wastes the man saves the time....children eats the time...)

    That which shoots out of ur nose when u sneeze... :)))

    Have a nice day!

    so disgusting!
    we say козюльки))))))))


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