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How do you indicate different Iranian accents?

Salaam :)
I was wondering if there was a way to indicate which region in Iran a person is from by their accents. For example, does a person from Rasht use contractions more than someone from Shiraz; or would someone from Tehran stress certain words more or less than someone from Esfahand?
Also, can you tell someone's education level and career position form their Persian skills?

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    they are very different , a person who lives in Tabriz can't pronounce ق she/he says گ. A person who lives in isfahan contracts است to ست .
    your couestion for me is a little wonderful , because you must be a curious person !
    It's not important for me (now) to know what difference between American accents are !
    some accents are effected by dialects.

    although i didn`t understand your question completely but in reply i must said,
    we have many accents in Iran like Lori,Yazdi,Esfahani,Gilaki(for the people of Gilan)...
    and we have some languages like Kudish,Turkish,also Arabic in Iran.
    but in short i must said although we have a many languages and accents in Iran but we speak Persian or Farsi in whole of Iran, i mean diffrences in accents don`t resulted in obscurity.
    I hope i could answer your question correctly.
    Have a nice day

    Well Sherika, I think you are at such a level in Farsi that can easily read Farsi, so I'll answer this question of yours in Persian:
    بهترين راه شناختن لهجه هاي مختلف و احتمالا زبانهاي مختلفي كه در يك كشور صحبت ميشوند، نه تنها در ايران بلكه در ديگر كشورها، زندگي كردن در آن كشور است. مثلا در ايران كسي كه در شمالغرب اين كشور زندگي ميكند ممكن است اصلا زبان فارسي رو متوجه نشود و يا كسي كه در تهران زندگي ميكند ممكن است لهجه اي در شمال كشور رو متوجه نشود. حتي بين مردمي كه در يك منطقه ايران زندگي ميكنند نيز اختلاف لهجه هاي زيادي وجود دارد به عنوان مثال مردم مازندران و مثلا شهر رشت به سختي و يا حتي اصلا لهجه مردم رشت را متوجه نميشوند چه رسد به يك خارجي كه بخواهد از لهجه ها و گويشهاي مختلف داخل كشور ديگر سر دربياورد

    به هرحال، به نظر من، بهترين راه يادگيري يك زبان خارجي، زندگي كردن در آن كشور است.

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