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learning Swedish and German

I know German and Swedish are quite similar, I wonder if it will be helpful and efficient that i learn both? Or will it be bad that i will mix them up.

For learning: Swedish
Base language: English
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    Yes. They are similar.
    It is easy to learn Swedish. For Germans.
    It is esay to learn German. For Swedish.
    To understand the other language you have to know one of those languages very well. I didn't learn Swedish, but I'm able to read and understand simple texts. By guessing.

    Of course you will mix it up. This happens to a lot of students who are learning English at the same time or who have some experience with English. They recognize something and want to apply English grammar to German. This is quite encouraging. But they are disappointed when it doesn't match.

    Don't be afraid of learning both. Learning the other language will both help and confuse you. And you have to be aware of the language you currently write or speak.

    Hello Vianne,

    No, you can do that. Start learning one of them, then at an intermediate level learn the other. You will find it much easier to learn the second language in this case.

    I don't understand much German, and if it wasn't for my German friend, I probably wouldn't understand any. Swedish is much more similar to Danish and especially Norwegian!

    Hello !

    I can't see the similarity in swedish and german. I agree with "tanten" that the similarity is more likely in danish and norwegian.

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