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Correct sentence structure

Thank you very much again for your time and trouble in responding. I am however, still a little confused on the first sentence, as you both put forward very compelling grammatical arguments for different sentence structures.

Also, with regard to ‘außerdem’ – I wanted to begin my sentence with this word, so is this not grammatically correct? What then would be a correct word meaning ‘in addition’ that could be legitimately used to start a sentence.

Thank you


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    By the way: You can expand your original question with additional information.

    1. TV set:
    We suggest you don't split the position. (corner + wall, floor + table)

    2. außerdem:

    Correct. You can start sentences with "außerdem".
    Richtig. Du kannst Sätze mit "außerdem" beginnen.
    "Sie hat einen Koffer und einen Rucksack. Außerdem hält sie (/trägt sie) eine Handtasche."

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