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will somebody please tell me, when i should say 'Netherlands' or when i should say 'Holland'?

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well, all of you, thanks a lot. Hope i can go there someday... =)

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    The meaning is exactly the same. But, they are going to use more and more 'Netherlands' because it's more formal than 'Holland'. (So Holland is not a region/province and it's not depending where you come from]


    Hi... depending where do you come from you use one or the other... we are talking about the same country anyway...

    Hi, it doesn't matter, both are used.

    Hello Nayayay,

    They are both used to refer to the same country.
    Maybe you would like to know the meaning of both words.

    "Netherlands" literally means the low countries or the low lands.
    It is an anglicization of the Dutch word "Nederlanden".

    "Holland" is derived from the Middle Dutch term holtland ("wooded land"). This spelling variation remained in use until around the 14th century, at which time the name stabilized as Holland.
    Popular, but incorrect, etymology holds that Holland is derived from hol land ("hollow land") and was inspired by the low-lying geography of Holland.

    hi naya.... it's same too. in indonesia holland is 'martabak', so u could say netherland is ok.

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