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Could u please translate the following (nepalese) in english? Thank you very much!

ma ahile counter charli ma ho timi kaha ho ni

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    Hi Cheery, try these websites
    Nepali language resources
    Math 116, Summer 2005 Previous Classes Nepali Dictionary Verb Conjugation ... Nepali Amoy (Min dialect) Russian German Turkish Mandarin Chinese Marathi Thai ... The Nepali New Testament is available to download free online from the World . ... then he and his heirs extended their domain east into the Kosi basin, ... - Cached - Similar
    UniLang • Chinese, Mandarin (汉语)
    LEO Fri 2009-04-10, 5:13 The most renowned German online dictionary. Provides translations into many other languages and also offers various other resources than .... Nepali (नेपाली) Norwegian (Norsk) Occitan Ojibwe (ᐊᓂᔑᓈᐯ) ...

    Here's an online dictionary
    Online Dictionaries - Nepali Online Dictionaries (Nepalese)
    Cornell's Nepali–English & English–Nepali Glossary - Online bilingual Nepali-English dictionary, searchable by queries on word names and meanings. ... › ... › Nepali Dictionaries

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