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Putting words together

If how much in korean is 얼마나
Then 사랑했는데 probably means I love you

If you put these two words together in a sentence
얼마나 사랑했는데
would it mean "How much I love you"?

If you put those together
너 하나에 울고 웃고
what would it mean?

and also what's the use of 는데?
and in these sentences
사랑에 울어도
사랑에 아파도
what's the use of 도?

and if you put them together
사랑에 울어도 사랑에 아파도
What would it mean?

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    You're right about 얼마나, 너, 울고, 웃고.

    사랑했다 is the past tense verb for 'love' and -는데 is a contrasting conjunction used with a present and past tense verb. So, 얼마나 사랑했는데 means 'How much I loved you'.

    하나 means 'one', and 에 has many uses, 'by, on, with, at, in, because of, etc etc', . It here is used as the sense of "because of". Well, 너 하나에 울고 웃고 can't remain well in English, like 'I cry and smile at you'.

    -도 means 'even if', so 사랑에 울어도 사랑에 아파도 = 'even if I cry at love and I get hurt by love'.

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