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What is the meaning of Chinese numbers?

As i know that China's culture is full of history and tradition. Like in the west, numbers play a huge role in daily life. Many of China's customs are influenced by numbers, and often actions are guided by the numbers involved.

8 : The number eight is the luckiest number in Chinese, because it sounds like the word for fortune and prosperity when spoken aloud. The Beijing Olympics started on 8/8/08 at eight o'clock because of this.

4 : Four is the unluckiest number in Chinese because it sounds exactly like the Chinese word for death. To give four of something as a gift is considered very bad manners.

6&9 : Six and nine are considered good numbers. Six is associated with longevity and nine with power.

1&7 : One is an unlucky number because it is considered lonely, while seven is associated with death--although not as closely as four.

250 : The number 250 is a slang term among modern Chinese and is used to indicate that someone is foolish or ignorant.

88 : English isn't the only language that has adopted Internet shorthand. In Chinese, typing 88 is shorthand for goodbye because saying it out loud sounds very similar to saying "bye bye."



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    你的理解完全正确,类似这些的有很多。我说几个吧,如:886 means "bye bye "
    520 means "i love you " 721 means "dear"

    10, 在中国文化中,由于10是十进制的第一个进位后的数字,所以有正好圆满的意思,于是有“十分(好)”“十全十美”“十拿九稳”“十足”等词。

    a few additional meanings:
    1: a little. 一点.
    2: other.
    3:many. 三心二意(vacillating)
    4:cuz 4 main directions,so 4 means surroundings. 四处(all over the place)

    All are ok except 1&7. It's first time I heard about the meaning. Perhaps it's popular among the other area of China.

    1 also sounds like '要', so it can combine with other number such us 18 which means 要发.

    7 sounds like ‘吃’. Then it's no longer strange for you to find that a lot of restaurants choose the telephone number contains 7.

    I think you have noticed the similar pronunciation of numbers and characters in Chinese is the key as well as degree they present.

    you are China Hands

    Hello Justin,

    I know about those numbers, but it was nice to memorize them again.

    I can tell you some more information about that ( you might already know it though) and correct some aspects:

    Number 2:
    is a good number in Chinese culture, they say 'good things come in pairs'. Therefore it is common to use double symbols in product brand names like double coins , double elephants etc.

    Number 3:
    Sounds like the character of birth "生" sheng ..saang ,, and is therefore considered a lucky number as well.

    Number 5:
    It refers to the 5 elements (water,fire,air,earth and metal) in Chinese philosophy, It also refers to the pronoun "I".
    You know the Chinese "I" is 'wo' 我,and it sounds a bit like 'wu' .

    Number 9:

    The number 9 (九, Pinyin: jiŭ, jyutping: gau2), being the greatest of single-digit numbers, was historically associated with the Emperor of China; the Emperor's robes often had nine dragons, and Chinese mythology held that the dragon has nine children.

    Moreover, the number 9 is a homophone of the word for "longlasting" (久), and as such is often used in weddings.

    This number " qi si wu liu" sounds a bit like " 氣死我了"qisi wo le ",which means "to make me angry or piss me off".So it means 'you make me angry or you piss me off"

    520 or 521 :
    means 'i love you'
    5= wu 2=er 1 = yi similar to 'wo ai ni' 我爱你

    So now you know the meaning of :
    " 7456 但是521“

    88 ;)

    4 is not a bad number in all cultures. In fact, it's a lucky number for people from Chiu Chow/Teochew.

    250 means stupid, but it's more used in the North of China. Cantonese people may not understand that terms meaning.

    38 表示人太“啰嗦”、“唠叨”等
    280=250+38+2 means foolish
    7758521 亲亲我吧我爱你

    ( ⊙ o ⊙ )啊! 错了 是290=250+38+2 哈哈

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