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What can you never eat for breakfast?

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    sorry i dont eat breakfast i just drink coffee.


    I can never and never eat chocolate for breakfast :D XD Its very interesting ,right ??

    i can not eat fats :S
    i think she make me feel nausea !!
    and i can not drinking soft drink :S

    anything from fast food - not for my breakfast:)) and i agree with SPN - no chocolate in the morning:))))

    I do not eat cans at all=)

    Mmmmmm...................I can't eat many porridge on breakfast! Also I cant eat something fats and.............maybe, its all! And what about you??? ;)

    I eat all

    i can't eat for breakfast chocolate ni milk, this causes inflammation


    Hi... I can't eat English breakfast... just a tea and a croissant...

    i usually eat bread,my breakfast is vey simple,i really do not know what i never eat

    just try not to eat things that contain lots of fat

    Hello N2N,

    Is it a personal question or you mean what people can never eat for breakfast in general?

    I never eat for breakfast....Garlik!!! )))
    I only eat food contain a lot of fats,because I'm gaining weight.

    Meat... anything in non-vegetarian.. except egg.. is a complete for me at breakfast

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