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What do you do in your spare time?

I' like to shopping .
I like to read books .
There are many things we do in our lives.

wth ma love :)

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    hi,how are you! i like shopping too,i mean very much! Design clothes, i like it too! I have designed some jeans,dresses,and T-shirts,i like them very much, they all made by the old ones!
    hey! :) Hmm, i read, watch favorite tv shows, movies, listen to the music, go out, having fun with friends, chat online, surf, and i use every chance i have to go out of town, drive around, or just catch fresh air :)


    I work in front of a computer so I like to go outside to do some sport...

    I'm not a ballerina, but I love to do Turkish belly dancing.

    i'll go in some quite and enless road where i can play with my motor bike.

    Uhm,doing something that i love ,like playing game on my PC ,go to another place with my friends or get relaxing for my body ...

    sleep :)

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