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I was wondering what agency is the best to go through for teaching English in South America or Japan?

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    Work for the agency who offers you the better benefit. In most case, if these countries need English Teachers, they will recruite English Teachers from the colleges in your country.

    I have been recruited by China while I was in college in 1974, but at that time, there were some limitations. We teach only to the teachers, we can not teach directly to the students.

    The agency and/or the recruiters will give you the imformations what they want and what will be your limitation in their country. If you can't find an agent, you can be freelance, lot of non-government schools will hire you in Japan and South America. English teachers (in private sector) still in demand, good luck.


    I work in Brazil and here you can just do a CV/resume drop around the local schools. As a native teacher you will receive many offers! I wouldn't even suggest going with an agency.

    there is a British institute in southamerica, they teach british English ofc

    Hi Cam, it's best to look in The Australian or The Age newspapers. Obviously you need ESL qualifications as part of your degree. Have a look here and good luck! Sometimes you can go just as an aide.

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    You should ask JET program. It's national program and your labor environment is good .

    and You shouldn't work in English conversation school (aka eikaiwa) .
    You are forced to work as hard as general Japanese. and turnover rate is high ....

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