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Do you smile at strangers in the street?

Do you like/dislike it if strangers smile at you?

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    in my opinion , it is good to keep a slight smile on your face , but not give a smile for every person you meet.

    I guess it is depend on the country and the culture you live there. in some country or even cities it is not a good idea specially for women.

    If I feel like it.

    That depends on what feelings I'v got from the guy who is smiling to me

    no cause i am not sure if they like other smiling at them.


    Yeah, of course I do. I have a nice story about it. I was sitting in a café, waiting for someone and there was an old lady reading a newspaper next to me, she was alone. She was looking at me and I smiled at her. In a few minutes she stood up and asked me if she could sit at my table and I said yes, why not?

    She was a talktive lady, she told me many things about her life and I enjoyed her conversation until the person I was waiting for arrived (too late) and I felt the old lady didn't feel alone for some minutes. :)

    It is not bad give smiles at strangers sometimes.. I usually do with old people and kids.

    You can make them feel much better with your smile.


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