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What are the standard phrases for ordering food/drinks in Korean?

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    1. food
    가) 여기 메뉴판 좀 주세요. Would you bring a menu, please?
    나) 뭐가 제일 맛있어요? what is the best dish here?
    다) 추천 좀 해주세요. Please recommend something for me.
    라) 뭐가 제일 인기있어요? What is the most famouse dish?
    마) 제일 빨리 되는 게 뭐예요? what is the fastest dish to cook for?
    바) 안 맵게(짜게, 달게) 해주세요. Please cook this not spicy(salty, too sweet)
    사) 채식 메뉴 있나요? Is there a vegetarian menu?
    아) 바짝 익혀주세요. Please cook welldone.
    자) 땅콩 알러지가 있는데, 땅콩 좀 빼주세요. I am allergic to peanut, please do not put peanut in my dish.
    차) 물수건 좀 주세요.(very korean culture, when you go to Korean traditional restaurant, especially for meat restaurant, they give u a (hot) towel, just like air plane service). Please give me a wet hand towel.

    2) drinks
    가) 커피(홍차, 차, 물) 주세요. Please give me a cup of coffee(red tea, tea, water)
    나) 맥주(소주, 양주, 쏘맥, 칵테일) 한 병(잔) 주세요. plz give me a btl(glass) of beer(soju, spirits, soju-beer cocktail, coctail)
    다) 인기있는 안주가 뭐에요? what is popular side dish for drinks?
    라) 버드(카스, 하이트) 한 병에 얼마에요? how much is a btl of bud(cass, hite)?
    마) 코로나에 레몬(라임) 조각 넣어주세요. plz give me a btl of corona with lemon(lime)
    바) 잭콕 한 잔 계산해주세요. how much is for Jack Coke?

    ask if you need more. :) have a great weekend.

    You can say, "Americano, Tall size 한잔 주세요.", but usually I say more simple..."Americano, Tall size요." :D

    Can you read Korean alphabet named Hangul?
    1. food
    first, 메뉴판좀 주세요(would you show me the menu plate?)
    then, 여기서 제일 맛있는 것 주세요(please, give me the most delicious food here.)

    2. drinks
    first, 메뉴판좀 주세요(would you show me the menu plate?)
    then, 커피(coffee)/물(water)/맥주(beer) 한 잔(a cup of) 주세요.
    if you want to have some alchohol, 안주는 뭐가 있나요?(could you tell me menu for beer?)

    wow lots of info 누나 as usual ㅎㅎㅎ

    I'd like to add though, you can say [menu item] 하나 랑요 / [pointing at menu item] 이거 랑 if you want to combine mutilple food items (before saying 주세요).

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