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I was wondering if anybody could help me out with this: 초신성

Pronunciation and meaning would be great! I think it has something to do with space.

Thanks in advance

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    sorry,i know little about korean. if you have any problem of chinese, and i can help you out.
    although I don't know it,but maybe I could give you two cents.
    want the real pronunciation of words,you can put your words here: people would help you there.
    you also can get a software dictioanry from the internet,and look into the words,but don't use TTS,it suckkkkkkks.


    Supernova= 초신성

    초신성 supernova [초신성=cho sin seong]

    The term "초신성" [hanja: 超新星] refers to a music band, formed in 2007 by a group of young men in South Korea. Further information may be referred through the wikipedia website, available at: ,

    whereas the corresponding romanized pronunication may be referred to the answer given by the other respondent, CoreanBigSis.

    Take care, and good weekend.

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