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What are the most important phrases to lean in Chinese?

I am already good at the basics, and am slowly learning new verbs, but I feel that there must be some phrases I should be learning

您需要急救吗?I put this sentence together. Can you understand it? It is supposed to mean "Do you need first aid?"

厕所在哪里?(Very important!)

I'm also trying to learn the words to give and receive directions.

Are there any you can help me think of?

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Thank you all. :)

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    谢(xiè)谢(xiè) (Thank you) Probably the most important word in the Chinese language, if you want to be polite in China it is best to say thanks. (Thank you is definitely more important than please qing

    你(nǐ)好(hǎo) (Hello) When you meet someone say nihao, they will most likely reply with nihao!

    不(bú)客(kè)气(qì)(Your welcome) another important Chinese courtesy and one you will hear very often.

    我(wǒ)不(bú)要(yào)(我(wǒ)不(bù)想(xiǎng)) (I do not want) In China you will often be approached by hawkers trying to sell you anything from Maozedong t-shirts to Buddha statues. Sometimes these hawkers can be quite pushy and so it is best to say a frank and firm "wobuyao".

    我(wǒ)不(bù)懂(dǒng)(我(wǒ)不(bù)知(zhī)道(dào)) (I do not understand) Many Chinese don't speak more than a word or two of English and so it is vital that you can also make clear that you don't speak more than a word or two of Chinese.

    我(wǒ)叫(jiào).... (My name is...) No matter where you are in the world, it is always great if you can tell people your name.

    我(wǒ)不(bù)能(néng)吃(chī)辣(là)的(de) (I can't eat spicy) For those of us who can't stomach spicy food it is best to be equipped with this phrase at all times. Chinese food ranges from mild to extremely spicy, by telling them you can't eat spicy food you can avoid much hassle.

    我(wǒ)要(yào)去(qù)(我(wǒ)想(xiǎng)去(qù)).. (I want to go to...) If you get in a taxi it is always best to have the name written in Chinese of the place you want to go. By saying woyaoqu and then showing the name or saying it out loud you should have a smoother journey.

    给(gěi)我(wǒ)便(pián)宜(yi)一(yì)点(diǎn) (Give me cheaper) In China, markets are a great place to bargain and if want the cheapest prices it is best you learn to say geiwopianyi!

    中(zhōng)国(guó)很(hěn)好(hǎo) (China is very good) Chinese are very proud of their country, history and culture. A great way to tell them that you enjoyed your visit is to praise their country, with that you can't go wrong.

    Some other phrases:

    mei wenti
    no problem

    It doesn't matter

    You're welcome OR Don't mention it

    I am sorry, excuse me ,pardon me

    这个多少钱?(zhe ge duo shao qian?)
    how much is this?

    你真漂亮! (ni zhen piao liang)
    you are so pretty! (you can say that to girls^^)

    你真是个傻瓜.......(ni zhen shi ge sha gua)
    you are so stupid```` (you can say that to your good friends when they do stupid things,but dont say that to stranger, they will kick you` keke)

    你真是个好人!(ni zhen shi ge hao ren)
    It is very kind of you!
    请问厕所在哪里?(qing wen ce suo zai na ni)
    can you tell me where the W.C is?
    哪一种比较好?(na yi zhong bi jiao hao)
    Which one is better?

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