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Do u hate urself??? :S

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    No I don't but a lot of women are influenced by glamorous air brushed models and movie stars in magazines and have a poor image of themselves.

    nnnooouuuuuu I love meeee !!!
    why? do you?

    I love myself



    Sometimes it is natural for someone to hate himself / herself after every failures or wrong decision he/she made...

    generally though, I love being me...


    agree with Romulus
    sometimes yes..and it's normal
    sometimes proud of my self too
    i agree with jura too..because i think the biggest quest in one's life is
    the discovery of himself ..seeing "glamorous air brushed models and movie stars in magazines" 24h/7 and admiring them will surely lead us to a poor image of our selves...
    when you hate yourself for a mistake..just remeber that you are the only one seeing yourself so bad at that moment...for the others you are normal...and be patient because you will have the opportunity to be proud of yourself next time.

    You are unique in all the world, of infinite value, and no one could ever replace you!
    If you're feeling down, perhaps something like one of these might help:

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