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Since when do people relate the heart with love? Considering the love starts in our brain? What do you think about it? Don't we should associate the brain with love? And instead of drawing hearts we should draw brains or buy chocolate brains instead of hearts ones in St. Valentine's day?

I became interested in this topic few months ago when I read a medical article with this headline 'El corazón tiene razones que la razón no conoce.' (Blaise Pascal) There some doctors explained what the science thinks about it and all the 'process' the love has and makes with us.

This question is not to solve any personal doubts, just to make some English learners write about a common topic. So, don't write short sentences, Think a bit and give me a good opinion about it.

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Thanks for adding information Peachey. It is an interesting reading related with my post.

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    Here's a couple of things to think about, just to add to the discussion:

    1. When we feel love - or heartbreak! - we feel the sensation in the centre of our chests. So far there's no clear chemical or nervous connection to explain this; that is, why we feel it in that part of the body. (I've checked this, regarding heartbreak. There's a vague suggestion it has to do with the adrenal glands but that's only a theory; hardly enough evidence to support that.)

    2. In Ancient Greece, the mind was considered to reside in the heart, and not the brain! When the poets talked of the mind and thoughts, they used the word "phrenos", which is actually the midriff/heart area.

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