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What made you choose your teacher?


If you chose a teacher here on italki, what helped you with the decision? Aside from speaking the language, did you look for other things like experience, location (ie. time zones), second languages, how they wrote their profile, how active they are online, course types (something specific perhaps), and so on?

If you found tutoring somewhere else, such as offline, again what was your criteria?

...and, if you're a teacher or tutor, why did your students choose you instead of others? (If they told you, of course.)

Just wondering! :) Love to hear your experiences.

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    hi........i am learning english now,so if i want to choose a english teacher, i would look for his/her pronunciation , experience of course, i think it doesn't matter if english is his/her mother tongue, but the most important thing is his/her character!
    by the way, your answer to the riddle ".What is smaller than an insect's mouth?" is right!

    good luck!

    She has to be an active poster, experience, feedback, cheap price xD

    Hello Peachey,

    Online I don't have a teacher,but in real life if I manage to understand what I am learning and get reasonable answers to my inquires, I am likely to be satisfied and to deal with a certain teacher.
    Patience and sincerity are 2 qualities I appreciate in my teacher as well.

    On my part, if I choose a language teacher, I would choose someone who speak my languages. I am bilingual in Chinese and English, So, I would prefer my french teacher speaks either Chinese or English fluently.

    People who may choose me as their teacher, I believe that they did a reseach and found out I have a daughter who has been selected as one of the top sixteen young scholars in the United States. Probably, they expect me to teach them as smart as my daughter, stay on top of others.

    if i am going to look for a teacher i want the one treat his/her student not just a student but like a family member.


    I'll pay attention to his/her answer to see how much is he/she intelligent and how much he can find the students purposes.

    patience~~~ a lot of patience
    and wisedom

    I'm a Spanish teacher here and... I have no idea why they have chosen me. I have three Spanish sessions on Saturday. I'm gonna ask them about this. xD


    i think he(she)speak my mother tongue, we chat anything using what i want to speak,i can learn quicky.

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