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How to memorize vocabulary efficiently


Now the main problem for me is vocabulary. I always use those '"old" words no matter wrrtting or speaking. This problem has bothered me for a long time as the way i used to using did not work. Perhaps i am too greedy that I want to memorize a lot at a time. So can you share your ways with me ?

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    hi,Jessie, I have the same problem! the day before yesterday I shared a interesting thing here named " Tell you an interesting way to memorize vocabulary!" If you want i would tell you again! But it doesn't work all the time! Another way is to memorize the word root, i think at the same time you would memorize more words!
    Good luck!

    practice practice n practice

    i don't know if the way in which i have got 6000 words during 1 year is efficient or not .but if you believe ,i would like to share it with you.
    there are several principles that are critical in remembering new words successfully. firstly, reviewing is far more important than memorizing new words. that means, as long as making sure you have familiarity with these words you have acquired ,then you can go on. only under the premise that you have a good foundation, you can go further!
    secondly, in order to understand one word very well, an english-to-english dictionary is a must. let me tell you in detail. the first step is to get a good understanding of the meaning of the word when you read the english explanation. then you must translate the english explanation into your own chinese explanation so as to understand deeply the word. in the meantime, for each meaning of the word ,you must get more than one sentence with the particular meaning. because only if one word is in a particular situation ,it can then have one particular meaning. moreover it can help you memorize and make sure you won't use incorrectly!
    thirdly, make an elaborate plan .this is about how many times to memorize at a time or during one day? how many times in total do you need to memorize so that you wouldn't forget it forever? by my experience,“艾宾浩斯记忆曲线”is the best choice for the moment. once choosing it ,you have to carry out it strictly. in addition, i add one point that during one day you'd better study one time in the morning and in the evening respectively . and when you study ,the first step is to arouse you memory by reading first the chinese explanation you edited, then you can do other things.

    fourthly, in order to make sure each word that may go away from you memory as time goes by even though you have already reviewed many times. you'd better make “ a reviewing-regularly plan” that happens regularly. you can follow these steps blow. firstly, to pick up some words you haven't known them very well from your words warehouse where all the words you have acquired are reserved. for example, we assume that you have got 5000 words which are divided into 20 parts each of which contains 500 words. you can do that like this. every day, you review 200 words. in fact you have studied these 200 words many times. therefore it doesn't take you much time to review again. but you still need to spend some time to pick up some words you think you still need to study. maybe you would pick up 37 words, of course, that need to be put in a notebook. When you do it constantly , the words in you notebook will reach a certain amount like 800 words. Ok ,let’s come to the next step. Each day ,you must review a certain number of words from the notebook. However ,how many words you can review during one day depends on your situation. If you have much free time ,you may review more, if you are busy ,you can only review less. In a word ,it is up to you. In a nutshell, for this reviewing-regularly plan, you must do two things during one day. The one is to pick up words from your words warehouse and put them into your notebook, and the other is to review the words in the notebook. However ,what needs to be emphasized is that ,you must make your notebook only contain 800 words. That means ,you have to remove some words you think you have mastered them completely from you notebook, and put the words you think needing to be studied again into the notebook so as to maintain the amount of 800 words.

    Finally, I have always thought that ,only if put the words you have acquired in practice ,everything you do can then be meaningful. In fact, that can truly strengthen your foundation ,which in turn plays a decisive role in how far you can go. With this in mind, you’d better enhance communication with other people and put the knowledge you have acquired in practice as possible as you can.
    Wish you much success on your path of studying English!

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