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what does the word "tai hao la" mean?

In another dialogue, after a woman answers where she is from, the man who asked says , "tai hao la hen gao xing jian dao ni."
I thought I had seen somewhere that "tai hao la" means "super" or "great" but that doesn't seem to really fit here.
The rest of the sentence I had already asked about from a different dialogue and understand that it means "pleased to meet you."
What does "tai hao la" mean and what is the correct pinyin/simplified characters for it?

Additional Details:

from what I understand, "hen gao xing jian dao ni" means "nice to meet you". What does "tai hao la" add? does "tai hao la " make it "very nice " so that instead of just saying "nice to meet you" he is instead saying "very nice to meet you?" I think that is what Adelaide is saying but I am not sure....

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    Maybe the man is come from same place too and said "tai hao la" is show how happy he was.


    mean: very nice

    "tai hao la hen gao xing jian dao ni."
    mean: nice to meet you

    great ,perfect.

    In this situation, tai hao le doesn't mean super or great, it maybe just a modal particle meaning surprise.

    in this dialogue,the man just want to express that he is very happy ,means great

    It is mean very great!

    because the man have being expect the woman comeing,when the woman coming,the man is happying

    fXXking great

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