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why do we feel shy when we speak in front of teachers

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    In my opinion, when we meet someone who we know as an expert in some area .. or just we know that this person has got a significant knowledge about something, we bear in mind that we have to try to present our knowledge as best as we can ..... but at the same time at back of our minds we think about things like authority and respect ... .
    Sometimes it could happen that we are not very confident in our position on the matter we are discussing at the moment ... and in my opinion, these are the moments when we feel somehow shy in front of a teacher.
    But once we feel confident in our abilities and knowledge at one hand ...and when we respect the teacher's opinion at the other hand ... there is no place to be shy .... the room becomes an arena :-) .. where everyone is free to support his opinion and position ... the place turns to a stage for new ideas to be born! :-)

    I think I don't feel shy,I am a little scared! When I was a kid, my Chinese teacher let my mom take me home,just because I was talking with others in the class, and the teacher got very angry and told my mom that I was a mischief ! After that, I am a little scared to speak to a teacher,until now!

    because were thinking that we can have a mistake in our grammar while we speak.


    Because of the mistakes you could have?

    one teacher I scared for her coz she said bad words to us...
    but some I respect the teacher because she respects me..
    And some teachers I don't talk with them because I hate them..

    But the esteemed teachers, we must respect and laugh with them But everything has its limits.. ^^

    in the end I don't feel shy I just respect them ^^


    Hi... During exam it is normal because the teacher becomes like a judge... agree with undo ^_^ bcoz of teacher is the knowledgeable person so i feel like so humble and also nervous to talk in front of scare that im talk in the wrong way...hehehe
    i don't know either, i have been in school for so many years and i always feel nervous(shy) while i speak in front of my teachers, but it's time for me to get rid of it, because i will graduate from my university soon! cool~~

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