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Study Abroad program in Taiwan

I am thinking about studying abroad in Taiwan next year (2011), and I haven't found the "right" program for me.

Can anybody give me a suggestion?

I want to take a language course and some other elective courses at the same time. I am interested in learning Chinese cuisine (perhaps some sort of cooking classes) and/ or Chinese medicine.

Is there any place that offer both the language course and other courses I am interested in?

This can be a tough question, but if you know anything about it, please leave me some comments!
I really appreciate your help!

Thank you!

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    hello shinyoung:D
    what language do you want to learn?
    you can check out this website and found what you want to learn:D
    many foreigners study at "national taiwan normal university"
    but they dont have the Chinese cuisine program :(...

    or you can choice this university... but in kaohsiung,south of taiwan.
    here are some website you can surf :D or i can ask for you,just tell me what you want to learn, and the place you want to or somewhere.:D

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