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what is the difference between Azeri and Persian?

i am curious to know because I have realized that many native Persian speakers also know Azeri.
So is there just vocabulary or grammar difference?
How many people speak it?
Where are the main areas of it that is spoken?

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    Azeri and Persian languages blong to two language system , Azeri blongs to Turkic language system ,and Persian is Farsi( Persian) language.
    There is a big grammar and vocabulary difference . I think that many native Persian speaker know Azari just because they live in the same area , they all are muslims , in history they have influenced each other on language , culture and religion .
    For more information :

    Hi dear

    I was absent !
    Azeri is spoken in north western of Iran and Azerbaijan ( country) . Azaris or Turks who speak azari( turki) live throughout the Iran, during world war 1 and 2 many Azari people migrate to east and center of iran , they both persian and azei , they have a problem with pronunciation of "ق" letter
    (gh) they say "گ" ...

    They played a big role in Iran history , we are proud of Satar Khan and Bagher Khan who had fought against dictatorship of curl kingdom regime and ... about 100 years ago .

    At the end i should say that unfortunately Iranian make joke and send SMS joke which scoff them , almost all of impolite Iranians say Azari's manner is similar to donkey !. many people have believed that England issued this awful thing , because Azaris fought against colonialism .

    viva freedom and decorum

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