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Hey estonian people! What's the meaning of "hey tuttavaks vvks"... aitah! :)

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    is it from website? :) "Vv" is specific slang originating from, it's an acronym of "väljavalitu" - literarily meaning 'chosen one', in there just someone who is marked on website as girlfriend/boyfriend, in literature this means more or less someone being engaged.
    The expression quoted above is slang (don't learn it as an example of Estonian :), in very correct Estonian it should be all long sentence:
    "Tere, kas sooviksid minuga tutvuda või väljavalituks saada?", and the meaning is "hey, let's become acquainted or novios".

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    Hi, I asked my Estonian friend about your question.
    'uttavaks' - in Estonian means; 'familiar with' - 'aitah' - in Estonian means ' thank you' - - and 'vvks' is not an Estonian word.

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