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How does Russian sounds to you? (for non-natives)

Just interesting. I can't really see how it sounds to a non-native ear. For instance for me English sounds like more formal, firm, technological. Spanish, Italian, French - very musical. Chinese, Japanese, Korean - kind of weird, very particular to white people.

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Please don't pass by, it's so easy to answer, but so interesting to me.

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    To me, it sounds like someone is playing a recording in English backwards. The sounds are very unfamiliar, and it takes me a good long while to realize when someone with a Russian accent is actually speaking English.

    (But I think maybe I'm a more of a hick than the rest of the italki users, hehe...)

    Strasvutie! It just sounds like another language that I don't fully understand. My grandparents were able to speak it, so I can remember some words and phrases. I live in Australia and we hear lots of different languages.

    Firm, yet palatable and pleasant.

    if i listen to it i think the words it sound like R letter.


    It sounds slightly harsh but cool either way.

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