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What's so called 'common sense'?


After staying at home almost alone all day since i started to prepare for my further education abraod, when i 'came back' to this world around me again, i felt so terrible that i am probably the strange one who is considered to be unacceptable. but i believe that my behavior at present at first and last had a reason. So i guess if there's been something unacceptable about my thinking ways which made me separated from this kinda Chinese society.

well, please give me your answer or your opinions about this.
lots of thanks,

Additional Details:

Thank you Magenta, Jennifer and Marie.

But the reason why i chose Marie's as the best answer to this question is she made me understand kind of attitude to questions.
From here, i appreciate the real knowledge without one's own opinions.

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    Common sense (or, when used attributively as an adjective, commonsense, common-sense, or commonsensical), based on a strict construction of the term, consists of what people in common would agree on[citation needed] : that which they "sense" as their common natural understanding.[

    Well, when people don't want to accept someone's behavior, they try to influence and be agressive. They try to intrude some stereotypes about how someone should behave. It's normal. People are always against someone special.

    If you believe that everything you are doing has a purpose i dont see the reason for you to be worried ... Trust in your ability to make the right desicions from your native, inner good judgment... =)

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