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What does it mean when a guy ask u out for a drink?

I recently went to a business dinner party with my bossand met an American guy who's currently working in China.

And he startred to text me since then to ask me if I wanna go out for a DRINK?

What's that suppose to mean?

Additional Details:

I guess it's a cultural difference, canuse Chinese people don't ask someone out for drink...

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    Hope you're not scared off, Gracie. :)

    Suggestion: if you are still interested in meeting him, make it a coffee date and bring your friend along. A gentleman would find that acceptable, I think.

    It means that he liked you and invited for a drink ...or anything else. It's called a DATE. Then both of you can talk a lot and become friends. If you accept him, other invitations could be planned!

    The same thing as in any language. haha.


    But be careful and watch your drink and food from the time it is made and delivered till you finish it.

    Some not so good guys will drug the drink and/or food so that you pass-out (lose consciousness...go to sleep) or so that you easily become drunk and do not remember anything. They do that so that they can trick you into having sex. So, go to the bathroom before the food comes so that no one tries to put a drug in your food.

    I just answered with my own knowledge. But, some non-english speakers they don't want to hear. For that reason, my asnwer has been deleted. It is too danger that the non-english speaker who are misleading by someone who don't know the culture.

    Ask out for a drink, it is the culture that the man is asking for a date. I hope there must be some other American readers here, please tell them what does it mean. It is very danger, if she accept of going for a drink. Here, the asker may think differently, it is their culture.

    Maybe he thought you were thirsty and wanted to help... kidding =p...
    He likes you and he wants to get to know you better... if you say 'yes' you are gonna give him the exact same message ' I like you too, and I'd like to know you'
    Good luck ...
    by the way, listen to Wozitoya...


    He wants to spend more time with you, and probably thinks you are a potential girlfriend!

    Can mean a million things or nothing. To find out go out and have a drink.

    Since many girls in China don't drink alcohol and bars are noisy Starbucks is a good and neutral choice of venue.

    Go for it!


    Hi... Give him a chance!

    maybe , he likes you... i mean, not only just as an employeer but he like you as a woman

    it means,., he is interested to you! ,. thats all i can think hehehehe

    @ Troy

    American culture is different than Chinese. Using drug is the same as rape, it is criminal. Agreement is make of offer and acceptance, it is common that man initiates an offer and the woman accepted it by act. Going out with him for a drink is an aceptance by act, having sex or not, it is hard to tell. But, in western culute, if the woman is not interesting, she will not go, it is the common sense, most of the western women know how to handle.


    @Wozitoya, in the news in my area and New York, "date rape" has been in the news near Palo Alto, Stanford, and San Francisco.

    Of course the girl will try to be careful, but as mentioned, they do get deceived. The Stanford students have invented a specially treated napkin and drink coaster that will turn a color to alert them when there is a drug in their drink. The drug that the guys have been using is Rohypnol.

    Don't believe me? Here is the unfortunate truth:

    Refer to the bottom of the articles to take precautions

    It can happen to men as well. Here is a Hong Kong article

    Not all guys are is just a word of caution for the person that may know that such things could be brought into there area without them realizing it.

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