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"Sorry" In Korean

Hiii Everybody!
I wanna know how to say "Sorry" in Korean
I though it was 미언해요 or 미안해여
But lately I heard something else.
I sounded like "gesuammnida"
>_________< Can u help please!

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And what's the difference between them?

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    '미안해요' (mi-an-hea-yo) mean "I'm sorry".
    However '죄송합니다' (jwi-song-ham-ni-da) to my knowledge is more honorific form of "I'm sorry" but can also means "Excuse me" or "Pardon me".

    If you are talking to a friend or someone younger than you say '미안해요'. To someone older or in a high position '죄송합니다'.

    It is "죄송합니다"

    yes as above it is , 죄송합니다, but what Deep Blue did not state is that you should write 미안해요 not 여

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