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I want a girlfriend :)


Even it's quite ashamed to ask such questions right here, but i just can't live alone. There must be someone that knows and cares about me so that i won't lose faith to continue.

who's willing? ---well, please just ignore this question if you think it's stupid, thanks!

Additional Details:

--Estevan, hi. um, no, i didn't mean that having a girlfriend is the solution to all my problems.
--Meir, sir. thank you for your answer mainly about dating girls online. but i'm sorry that i don't appreciate this way at all. you need a mandarin tutor? please remind me. thanks.
--Ahmed, hi guy. thank you for your answer. but i don't know what the hell you are talking about. And i totally can't accept your way of talking to me. I did have a girlfriend when i was on the first year of high school, and we broke up. but the reason why i broke up with her was not so called getting bored with her, but i had some serious reasons and difficulties. and may i ask you a question? How can you be connected with her if she is so far away? even in another country.
--hi, sonia. thank you for your answer as well. you mentioned about God, i am a believer quite seriously. i'll keep your words as some of them are quite precious to me.
--hi Blitzy. dude. thank you for your answer. if i were not in America, i would appreciate your answer so much.
--hi jennifer. thank you so much for paying attention to my questions these days. even someone thought there were stupid asking, you almost answered me much more from your heart than others did. thank you. :) and No, of course it's not a funny thing, and the smiling sign (whihc is :)) was added by me at last before posting this message. i just didn't want to show others that i was too sad to appreciate anything in thsi world. ...but jennifer, i just do not understand what you were talking about, you were mentioning me something? well... i should be careful.
--fabio, oi? hehehe...thank you for answering my questions. brother, i love you with the love from Jesus. have a good time!
--sam, hi. look, 我活着本不是为我自己,当我有女朋友时,我也不是在为她活着。她是我的身体的一部分,我也是她的一部分,但人不当为身体活着。

hi, the last i want to say here, Why 9 people don't think that this question is a one for language learning? But is language used for communicating? then why having problems and solving the problems are not for language learning?

Additional Details:

***(about the corrected one to Blitzy) If i were in America, i would appreciate your answer so much. ***

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    Hiiiii Sheng! My big friend and brother!
    My English is very bad, you know.. hehe i dont have teacher yet.. hehe
    I hope you understand me.

    You will have a pretty girlfriend, at the time right.. maybe now, maybe tomorrow, maybe more in future, but you must not think very much of it..
    Believe me, you is very young. If you was more old, i will say to you search, and i help you make this.. hehe

    What you can to make now:
    Life your life fully, make travel, make friends, find a hobby, bike, beach (when i was teenager, i run a bike across the beach of São Paulo BR, with friends. I was 8 days in Rio de Janeiro - Angra dos Reis), run, swiming.. soon you will have a job, going to study in a university.
    This helps mature, meet(know) people, know yourself and have goals.
    His (Your) life today is wonderful.
    If you like your life, a girl will enjoy(like) your life too.
    Believe me again, this is better thing to make
    The reason for the loneliness and sadness is not filled(populated) with a girlfriend, but with this activities and objetives(goals) (just examples).
    Then, after it appears a pretty girl in your life.

    And is normal to feel sad, but should do something to improve.

    I think this.
    But i can be wrong.

    After we talked.
    I hope help you.

    Your Brother Fabio Sena! having a girlfriend is the solution to all the problems that you have?

    It's not a matter of solving all one's problems but having someone in your life that really cares about you makes a very big difference. Any problem or burden is always easier to bear when shared, not to mention the success a person can have when they have someone that really believes in them (even when they themselves do not).
    The best option would be if close family or friends could introduce you to someone. Since they know you best ,odds are much better at finding someone whose personality is compatible with your own, as well as having a better idea of what range of looks you find attractive.
    If that is not really an option there is the possibility of dating sites. I don't know if they exist in China and they can be a mixed bag of tricks. Since it is much easier to pretend to be more than you are with an online presence (or to be completely different) it can be a "mixed bag of tricks". Still, there are people that are able to meet compatible people that way if both people truly are sincere. If you do choose such sites as an option, be sure to get to know them via correspondence first and when you do meet choose a more public setting for your first date(s).

    you want a girl friend to care about you ?
    and when you get bored you just leave her right?
    you need some good friends not a girl friend , they are not easy to get , but you should keep trying.

    Hi! When I read your post on the page of latest ones, I laughed because I thought it was a funny one again. Then, I came here and I read it, it is not funny at all, actually made me feel sad.

    See, don't feel bad because you posted this here (though it is a site to learn languages :P). Why you say you are alone? What about family, friends, partners at the university or work? What about a kinnda God (If you are a believer). I know all these doesn't replace a girlfriend, I know what you mean, but you MUSTN'T say you are alone, none of us is alone there's always a person behind (most of the time we don't see them) caring of us. Until you find the girl you are looking for, you should find yourself and search about what do you expect in life (Make sure it is not just a girl). Be patient, and live in the meanwhile, when you be focus on the main things in your life and you stop looking for a girlfriend, you probably meet her.

    Then, please don't say such things like 'i won't lose faith to continue'. Do you think a girl is going to choose you if you are so depressed?

    I advice you to enjoy life, please. There are many people who are really bad. Look around, and you'll find people who need your help, then you won't feel alone anymore.

    You are just a constant downer.
    What the hell are you doing here if you want a girlfriend? Move on dude ;)

    URRA! URRA! SHENG SHENG... RA! RA! RAAA!!!! (the funny thing? im pretty serious !!! ) actually this was me... encouraging you ! (your other question) you tried to 'close' my posibility to do it... but there !!! i did it !!!!

    so, you will be have!a pretty girl is waiting for you!

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