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is any easy language to learn? except ur own language

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    Languages are inter-related. For example, if you know English, you can learn Spanish or French more easily. If you know Chinese, you can learn Japanese or Korean more easily. If you know Hindi, you can learn Urdu more easily, and so on, and so on.....
    Any language will be easy for you to learn, which resembles your own language,

    hi....I don't know others, but for me, it's really hard to learn a new language, even though it is easy to learn!

    Malay is easy language to learn. Malay words follow a simple pronunciation rule. If the pronunciation rule has been mastered, you can pronounce any Malay words!!

    I thought English was a difficult one. Then, I figured out I wasn't studying enough. I find Chinese really more difficult than it though. Going to start Chinese studies seriously. :P
    I find Turkish very logical and easy language.

    a linguist from California did some research in the 1980s and found out that a language not to different from your mother tongue takes about 700-900 hours of classroom instruction to learn properly. Naturally, various processes may speed this up, for instance living in the country, or chatting and talking with native speakers, and, and, and, ...

    It depends of every single person, if u have that 'stuff' to learn some new language, u will learn it easy, but that stands that some languages r so connected between selves :) for me English is so easy language n German too! in German u have rules for reading n writing so if u know it u will learn it so easy :) while in English there don't have, but if u have talent u will learn it easy, U need just to figure it out how to write, n that u can if u read a lot of English texts, books, writing a lot on English!

    Any language where you write the words in the same way they are spoken is easy.


    Hi... There is no easy language... each one of them require efforts!

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