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When must I use 'thanks' and when 'thank you', which is the difference?

Here is an example:

when somebody tell me 'How are you' I sould say 'thanks' or thank you'

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    "Thank you" is much more professional then the casual "Thanks", I think also "Thank You" gets the point across how thankful you truly are.
    It depends on your relationship with someone.
    If you have a very professional relationship, then you should say "thank you". But if you have casual relationship, "thanks" is just fine.
    They mean the same thing and are interchangeable. However, "Thank you" sounds slightly more formal.

    Hi,diego ..
    Thanks it just simple way to say thank you ..


    When someone asks "how are you"...

    If you know them well: "I'm fine, thanks."

    If you don't know them well, or it's a formal situation, use the full English: "I'm fine, thank you."

    No one will really get offended if you change them around. This is not a hard and fast rule.

    Use thanks with people like friends and family....for people you don't know really well use thank you....or just to be polite


    Hi... Don't worry the meaning is the same...

    "Thanks"- for casual usage
    "Thank you" - for formal usage

    "Thanks" is the simpler version of "thank you".

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