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when i can say :"you are so sweet!" ?it means you are good person??

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    "you are so sweet" generally, the older person say it to the younger people. In your age, you can say it anytime to the children. If the person is in an opposite sex of your own age, he do better be your husband or boyfriend.

    "you are so sweet !" It has no special meaning, it is only a compliment. English speakers will get the message depends on your tone or voice on how you say it. Between our age, I will consider "you are so sweet" is a compliment no matter when and how you say it.

    In other word it means "you are such a lovable person".

    IF someone tell you that "You are soo sweet "

    it can have many meanings:
    as i can think about is those .....
    1 You are such a considerable person(you always think about
    other people)
    2 You make people feel nice and comfortable(when doing things
    with you will feel easy and fine)
    3 You always have a cute smile or charming look to others

    And i think "you are a good person" is also fine in the meanings


    Yes! It also opens a door for you to enter another world.

    When someone says something to you that makes you say "awwww" then you can say to them "you are so sweet!" For example, if someone bought you flowers, then you can call them SWEET.

    Oh my bad I mean says or does something to or for you haha!

    Hi if the tone of the voice is sarcastic when a person says this to you , it can mean that you are not sweet at all.


    Sweet things are pleasant things! :D

    Don't read too much into *exactly* what it means. Just think of the happy feeling you get when you taste or smell something sweet. So you describe a person who gives you that feeling as "sweet". It's a positive thing. ^^

    (Allowing room for irony and sarcasm, but you'll know that when you hear it.)

    when the other person is kindhearted,beautiful,cute,smart,happy to give a hand to others,in one of these circumstance,you can say so.
    Obsolutely,sweet in a certain way means good.


    Hi... yes you can say that...


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