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What's the difference between "ka", "mo" and "ikaw"?


Still a bit confused... maybe because "mo" also works as a possessive?

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Salamat guys! Much clearer now. I couldn't exactly understand when to use "mo" and "ka". ^^

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    hi kaibigan,

    the pronoun "ka" could also be a short version of "ikaw" = "you", but used differently though.

    here are some rules in using "ka" and "ikaw":
    1. "ka" often comes after a verb: ex. 'kain ka' [eat (you)]; 'pasok ka' (come in); 'natutulog ka ba?' (are you sleeping?)
    2. "ka" ofetn comes after the question words: 'saan' (where), 'kailan' (when), 'sino' (who), 'bakit' (why) and 'paano' (how). 'ano' (what) can also be considered as an expression: "ano KA ba?!"
    3. "ikaw" is, most of the time, used at the beginning of a sentence. let's try to contrast the two pronouns:

    "kumain KA na ba?" (have you eaten?)
    "IKAW ba ay kumain na?" (have you eaten?)

    this is wrong: "kumain IKAW na ba?" / "KA ba ay kumain na?"

    "mo" is also a 2nd person pronoun (sometimes in possesive case) = "you", but it differs to "ka" with respect to the form of the verb being used:

    let's say, "KAIN" (eat)

    'KumAIN ka." (you eat / eat some) - suggesting to take a food to solve starvation. (SUGGESTION)
    "KAINin mo." (you eat) - considering the food is already served. COMMAND.

    "KUHA" (get)

    "KumUHA ka" (you get some)
    "KUHAin mo" (you get it)


    Just read your question and now I am wondering too. OMG! I am a Filipino. I use those words everyday, but I can't explain. I can't even figure out what part of speech in Filipino grammar they belong. I think I should go back to school...

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