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Can you call another person "minh" refering to them as "you"?

I know that you can call yourself "minh" referring to yourself as "I", but I have seen some rare cases where somebody calls another person "minh".

In what situation is this appropriate?

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    in vietnam family, sometime the husband call his wife "mình" "mình ơi anh đi đây" ..darling i'll go..ect and she also can call him with that way . between husband and wife we have a lot of way to call each other such as: mình và tôi.mình và em, mình và anh ....
    in friendship you can use "mình" for yourself ex: mình và bạn it means i and you.

    It is like Vietnamese tradition, we can call ourselve as " minh" and also can do with another person to express the close relationship that only appears in family with husband and wife. Furthermore, call " minh" means that perosn is one of your part, your own and have an importion positon in your life.
    Thank you for your question, I hope you can add more questions about learning Vietnamese because we are happy to answer them.

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