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what does the portuguese word"barramento"mean?I can't find it in the dictionary.

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    1.BARRAMENTO DE DADOS = 数据总线(Data Bus):在CPU与RAM之间来回传送需要处理或是需要存储的数据。
    2.BARRAMENTO DE ENDEREÇO = 地址总线(Address Bus):用来指定在随机存取存储器(Random Access Memory)之中存储数据的地址。
    3.BARRAMENTO DE CONTROLE = 控制总线(Control Bus):将微处理器控制单元(Control Unit)的信号,传送到周边设备,一般常见的为USB Bus与1394 Bus。
    4.BARRAMENTO DE EXPANSÃO = 扩充总线(Expansion Bus):可连接扩充槽和计算机。
    5.BARRAMENTO LOCAL = 区域总线(Local Bus):取代更高速数据传输的扩充总线。

    I looked up some online dictionaries, and I found the following link:

    Through the link, I found the explanations in wikipedia:

    As a result, the term has a meaning of "bus" in computer terminology.
    In terms of Chinese, it means「總線(总线)」or「匯流排」:

    Good weekend. / Bom fin de semana. / 祝 週末愉快。

    Hi Jessie.

    I'm brazilian, so the Portuguese is my native language.

    The word "barramento" is not used in the normal conversation, it is a technical term. In computer science, "barramento" is the same that "bus", is a set of communication lines that allow the interconnection between devices, such as CPU, memory and other peripherals. (According Wikipedia)

    Sorry me any mistake in the answer, how I said, Portuguese is my native language, not english.

    no use worsd this,in portuguesse

    Jessie eu achei isso na internet mas nunca usei, talvez seja variante do portugues de portugal. Também me parece que usam esse termo em lojas de construção civil, especialmente venda de ferragens.

    peças laterais da cama de ferro, Barras paralelas, ao longo do torno mecânico. bancada de torno

    mas nunca, jamais, utilizei isso, no caso especifico, sempre usei barramento para termo técnico de informática

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