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沉默不是代表我的错 Can someone break this down for me?

Ok, Clearly from a song.
I'm told this means "my silence does not indicate (it's) my fault".
But this interpretation rather escapes me.
Can some one tell me I have it wrong, or break the sentence down for me.
Is this a standard form for A does not imply B? or is this maybe just a song?

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Many thanks. All good answers. Shane I can only choose one as best.

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    It's just a song. The proper way to say should be 沉默不代表(是)我的错。silence doesn't imply (it's) my fault.
    Most of the Chinese songs are about falling in love or falling out of love. So little bit incoherent. ( just kidding)
    Good luck in your Chinese

    actually,the precise form to express A does not imply B is-A不代表B。For instance,the exact form is “沉默不(能)代表我的错”。
    Break down——沉默(silence)不(does not)代表(stand for/imply)我的(my)错(mistake)。Is that clear?

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