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C'e qualcuno chi abita in Italia?

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Io voglio vivire in Italia, Ma abito in America..

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    io voglio vivere in america ma abito in italia:D

    Hello Rachel,

    You can check 'language partners' ,Italian native speakers living in Italy, who might help you know more about the opportunities you have got to settle in Italy. About jobs, accommodations and different cities in Italy, etc..

    Si io abito in Italia :-)

    I live in Italy!!! I can teach you Italian if you teach me english or spanish.... Contact me if you're interested!!! ;-)
    Yep, Italy... but I would live somewhere else... (US would be my first choice)

    btw in the question there's a little mistake, the right one is "C'è qualcuno chE abita in italia?" ;)
    Io abito in Italia, anche se spesso preferirei abitare altrove!

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