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hit it off,what's the meaning, and how to use the phrase?

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    hit it off (with someone):

    Fig. to quickly become good friends with someone.

    ex. Look how John hit it off with Mary.
    ex. Yes, they really hit it off.

    hit it off (with somebody):

    to be friendly with each other immediately.

    ex. She hit it off with Dean and soon the two of them set out on a cross-country adventure.
    ex. We hit it off beautifully – we liked all the same things, and we liked each other a lot.



    "Hit it off" means to get along really well. "They hit it off the second they met."

    There's an analogy here, but no-one seems to admit it! :) I'm thinking of a successful play, eg. hitting a baseball really well, starting a sports game... (I might be on the wrong track here)

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