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What does yeha mean?

I'm not vietnamese and I'm not sure how the romanized version would look. Maybe it's a long e sound? yeeha? yeehow? I've heard this being said a few times and I wanted to know what it meant? thanks!

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    What you're probably hearing is "vay ha," but depending on the region that the person is from, it can sound like a "y" in the beginning. Vay ha means 'oh really?'

    mmmm... lol thanks for the answer :D. to clarify, in the context that it was used (from what i understood -_- haha) that was all that was said... so i don't think "oh really?" would make much sense...? idk... haha it's just driving me CRAZY >_<;; maybe it was like... eeha? eehow? i know the 'e' sound was kind of dragged out...? if that even makes a difference... -0-;;
    haha anyways thanks for trying :D

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