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How can i say please and your welcome in korean???

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    한국에 오신것을 환영합니다

    Please = 제발 (Jeh-Bal)
    You're Welcome = 천만에요 (Chon man-eh yo)

    You're welcome = Chonmaneyo
    Please : put’ak hamnida

    We just smile when someone says "thank you" - sometimes a smile speaks it all.

    If you say something in response, you can say 뭘요(most common) or 별 거 아니에요. In fact, 천만에요 means "Not at all", but I've seen many foreigners picked that up. It's what we see when we watch foreign movies and TV series with Korean subtitles, not what we actually say.

    We say 제발 when we are upset or being sarcastic/humorous.

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