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What are the use of "whereas", "therefore", "even though", "however" and "besides"?

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    'Whereas' means 'but':
    'I'm right-handed whereas/while my brother is left-handed.'

    'Therefore' means 'so' (we use them to express result):
    'It hasn't rained for weeks. The earth is therefore dry.'

    'Even though' and 'however' mean 'but':
    He's fit, even though (although) he's sixty.
    (even though is more emphatic than although)

    'The fire destroyed much of the building. However/Nevertheless, only six people
    lost their lives.'

    'Besides' means 'and':
    'Besides will, there are other modal verbs which express the future.'
    = in additin to, apart from
    'I don’t really want to go. Besides, it’s too late now.'
    = it is used for making an extra comment that adds to what you have just said

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