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How do you say "Please" and "Thank You" in Mandarin?

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    I'm not sure if you can use "Please" in a stand-alone context. But you can definitely use it in conjunction with other verbs. Please, in these situations is "請", pronounced qing3.
    請幫我 (qing3 bang1 wo3) = Please help me.
    請告訴我 (qing3 gao4su4 wo3) = Please tell me.
    請便 (qing3 bian4) = Please make yourself comfortable.

    Thank you is simply. 謝謝 (xie4 xie4). I've been told not to attach a 你 on the end of the phrase by a couple of people, or at least not to do so very often. So I guess say 謝謝你(xie4xie4 ni3) sparingly. Just stick to 謝謝 =P

    Hope this helps!

    thanks = xie xie ni(谢谢你)
    Please =拜托" (Bai Tuo)

    请 qing = please (do something)
    谢谢你 xie xie ni = Thank you

    HANK YOU= xie xie ni(谢谢你) Please =请(QING) ,拜托(Bai Tuo)


    thank you=xiexie=谢谢

    please==qing==请 ,请求,拜托
    thank you=xiexie=谢谢

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