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I have an upcoming trip to Bangkok and would like to know some handy phrases when I go shopping/haggling...

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    well,may i suggest u some easy sentences to use...(for girl >_<)

    sa-wat-dee-kha = hello

    tao - rai - kha = how much?

    lod - hai - noi - dai - mai- kha? = can u please discount for me?

    kop - khun - kha = thank u ^^

    (if u r boy just change the last word from "kha" to "krap")

    hope these would be useful for u ^^


    Two tips, but not phrases (sorry) - the first one you may already know, which is just to start walking away. ;)

    The other tip is that stall holders buy their stock in the shopping centres. My Thai friend pointed it out to me last time I was there. This means you're probably paying much more in the market than in the shopping centre.

    The markets are still great places for eating! :)

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