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Hello... how to say "u're very selfish" in cantonese ?? Thanks ^^

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    Cantonese: 你真系好自私。 pronunciation: lei zen hai hou zi si
    Mandarin: 你真是很自私。 pronunciation: ni zhen shi hen zi si
    The pronunciation 你,some places like Guangzhou is "lei"but some places is "nei" Both of them are right.
    Sorry,I am from north China ,I can't speak cantonese. but i know in mandarin we say"你很自私"。ni hen zi si

    chinese:你很自私。 cantonese:你好自私 i am a cantonese.this translation is absolutely right.

    You're very selfish=“你好自私啊!”
    You are=你

    Cantonese in Guangzhou and Hong Kong:
    "你好自私" (“啊”is just a word showing your anger)

    好 means very

    你好自私啊...You're very selfish



    you 你 = nei
    really 真喺 = zhen hai
    so 好 = hou
    selfish自私 = ji xi
    啊 = ah

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